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Falcons announce new uniforms for 2020 season


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ATLANTA – The Atlanta Falcons are turning the page on their uniforms and are set to usher in a brand-new look for the 2020 season.

Falcons owner and CEO Arthur Blank sent a letter to season ticket members on Tuesday informing them with the exclusive news that the team will unveil a new Falcons uniform design in April of 2020.

"Time and again, we've heard you ask for new uniforms over the years," Blank wrote. "We've listened to your feedback and worked closely with Nike and the NFL over the past two years to create a look that represents you and reflects Atlanta's culture, pride and unity."

This will be the Falcons' first full-scale uniform change in 17 years.

Falcons getting new Unis! What do you think they'll look like?

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16 minutes ago, candyman93 said:

What’s wrong with their current ones...?

17 years old. Gotten stale. I like them, but I get why the change from the Vick-inspired uniforms is needed. Especially with the Falcons trying to move forward after the SB51 loss. Have to wonder if Blank is sitting there thinking about the SB51 loss every time he sees those reds.

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2 minutes ago, Danger said:

One of the few teams that I really like the ones they have right now. Let's just hope they don't muck it up as bad as Tampa Bay trying to go super modern and weird.

I think Tampa is either planning or making uniform changes again.
I think they're on a two year plan.

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37 minutes ago, swede700 said:

I've never cared for them.  They got too much going on with them.  I also personally think they should go back to the red helmets, but that's probably just me.

Yes on the red helmets.

34 minutes ago, dtait93 said:

Hopefully they bring back the red helmets


This is a good away look

10 minutes ago, nlesthought said:

silver helmet

red pants 

black/white jersey 



No on that at all.

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