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Would you take Odell Beckham? And what would you be willing to give up for him?

brownie man

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20 minutes ago, brownie man said:

Right now I’d let him go for a 2nd. 

You'd be lucky to get that for him. Nobody doubts the talent, everyone doubts the head on his shoulders. He'll never get in trouble legally (I don't think so at least) but he's more concerned on promoting his brand over playing football.

Texans don't need him, and I doubt OBJ would be very well behaved as a #2 behind Hopkins... But in this scenario, I'd drop a 4th and a conditional 5th in 2021 that can get as high as a 3rd.

(This probably means BoB gives you three firsts for him).

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I'll suggest, as a Giants' fan, that, obscured by Odell's boyish high-jinks and loose-cannon behavior, has been that he was was never quite the same All-World receiver after his high-ankle sprain. Still a very talented player, but I thought a bit was taken off his top-end speed and out-of-the-cuts acceleration.

There's certainly the drama to consider, but it may also be that Odell  just isn't as tremendous as he was his first couple of years.

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