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20 hours ago, Ragnarok said:

One thing I've heard about is that his dad is very controlling and would beat him if he threw an INT.  I could see a team being concerned about his dad trying to stay in the picture after he is drafted.  

Trying to remember where I read that.

I remember hearing this also. The guy's demeanor suggests it also is true. He looks very intimidating during games lol

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10 minutes ago, KhanYouDigIt said:

That’s a fake Dave Caldwell account. Unless you saw it somewhere else.

Yeah, Dilla said it. 

Although tbh that guy sometimes jokes with things so who knows if he was playing into it or not.

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I'll be tallying up everyones Final Mock again this year. As long as your final mock is in the Mock Section, and in the month of April.

This is how difficult mock drafts are, results from contest from last year:


Team and Pick = 1 point

Pick correct but not correct team (trade happens) = 0.5 points

Charlie Campbell is back to back champ with 10/32 in both 2018 and 2019. That's how hard mock drafts are. 10/32 is the holy grail. 5/32 is about the average. Yes, just 5 picks correct is the average. That's how unpredictable the NFL draft is.

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Albert Breer also mentioned that with so much uncertainty in this draft RE: COVID-19 teams are opting for "safer" picks and scouts believe that means "draft big guys" (OL). I've also heard that we could see the most tackles go in round 1 ever. I would think Wilson is a fit for the Seahawks at the end of round 1 given his playing style and their need/infatuation with size-athleticism

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22 hours ago, Emerica said:

Could definitely see it happening especially since there are no clear #1. One team is going to fall in love with his combine numbers a la John Ross

He’s a very well rounded WR though. Best hands in the class, dropped 1 ball in 162 targets, and ran the most diverse tree in college football according to PFF. Comparing him to Ross is horrible. 

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