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9 hours ago, pf9 said:

We're going to have our first NFL players born in the 21st century.

Next year, our first NFL players born in the realignment era.

We've had NFL players born in the 21st century already.  Sewell and Pitts were 20 when they drafted last year.  

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I feel really stupid, but a bit ago I was watching Good Morning Football on NFL Network and they had a prospect on for an interview and like a "make your pitch" segment. I don't remember who it was, but I think it was Jalyn Armour-Davis. Then when I google Jalyn Armour Davis Good Morning Football I'm not finding any results. Does anyone know if he was on the show? My memory is saying he had a nickname and Pete S joked he was hoping it was a dance move, but it was just a coaches technique and he was exceptionally good at it -- is that about Jalyn Armour Davis? Am I thinking of the right person? Does anyone have a link by chance to that video?

edit: found it on his Twitter page from April 1st. Here's the video if anyone else is interested, I was impressed by him.


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Haven't been on FF much these days and this is incredibly random, but I just wanted to post somewhere that I absolutely love our Charles Cross selection. I was convinced John S was going to blow it (as he tends to do in the 1st round), but I had Cross ranked over both Neal & Ekwonu. Kid is 5-10 pounds away from being a stalwart. 


Not even sure if this is the appropriate thread for this thought 😂

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Just now, SaveOurSonics said:

What are the range of outcomes for David Ojabo? 

Pretty wide at this point. If he went in the second, I wouldn't be shocked. If he went in the 4th, I wouldn't be shocked. I didn't like him as a top 15 pick like so many did...I thought he was more or less a second round guy...so in that instance, the second with a missed year, I start looking his direction in late round 3. If you liked him as a top 15 guy, I think you are probably looking around the middle of round 2. There are definitely a couple of edge rushers on the board that I still really like who don't have the injury. 

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