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Its becoming clear that Banks was the Giants target all along.

Edit: damn the instagram video didn't link correctly. There's a video from Banks himself talking about a bunch of things pre-draft with friends and such. One clip is him in a car saying "the Giants want me BAD. They might trade up for me" 

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The Giants video production team has been killing it since Dabs and Schoen took over. The Giants Life video they just dropped is awesome for a bunch of reasons, one of which is the look into the war room on draft day.


The Giants wanted either JMS or Hyatt at 57. When the Bears traded up right before them, they got PISSED. I think everyone thought the Bears were going to take Schmitz because of their massive need at center. There was obviously a ton of relief when they took Stevenson instead. Then, the Giants started trying to trade up basically as soon as the 2nd round ended for Hyatt. They got lucky when Daboll basically executed the trade up with the Rams to get him in the 3rd.

It's nice to think that all the picks your team made allowed them to get 'their guys', but this video shows that that actually was the case for the Giants for all of their first 3 picks. They wanted all of Banks, JMS, and Hyatt badly.

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