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DB424 Mock Offseason

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37 minutes ago, M.10.E said:

I think Hurst has more value to us than he does on the trade market, thus we keep him. 

Eh... depends. Could we get a late 1st? Certainly he has more value to Pats than to us. Not that I endorse that move. 

We need to move more to speed on the edges to work with our offense and complement Lamar/Andrews and the running game. Also have needs on the interior O-line or pass rush or Linebackers to potentially boost.

I certainly wouldn't give him away for a 3rd or anything. Clearly he is valuable.

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All good takes.

I would certainly be interested in knowing his market value. It’s probably accurate that trading him away for a late 3rd would be dismal compensation.

Perhaps I struggle in my limitation to see an effective way to build a 3 TE offense that can win come playoff time as it hasn’t worked to this point. The TE is one of the most injury phone positions in the league and any of the three TEs going down at any moment significantly lowers our offensive versatility. It also forces our WRs out of the gameplan and therefore has them see significantly less confidence boosts. Does Seth Roberts drop that playoff pass if he’s more integral to the passing attack during the season? Does Willie Snead drop those two passes over the middle? It’s true that if the ball hits your hands you need to make the play, but it might also be true that our offense being so anti-reliant on our WRs for most of the season caused them to remove some of the built up muscle memory that might’ve had them more prepared in other more exposed scenarios. Though Andrews dropped balls in that game as well as Boyle, so I’m not sure what the solution is here.

As it stands though if Hurst doesn’t create trust with Lamar then it doesn’t matter if he gets open or not. If I’m Hurst I’m connecting with Lamar in Florida as he trains and I’m working with him for those couple months to make sure he’s a favorite come next year. He’s got less time to shine.


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Yeah, I'm not seeing a "real" offensive system that incorporates three different guys in three different roles are running simultaneously in a single game-plan. Just two, although two are used a lot. I think the group is fine and doesn't need any subtractions or additions.

It's on Roman to actually rotate out a bit more. Yes, Andrews and Boyle are amazing at what they do and they compliment each other perfectly. But Hurst can fill in at either role, and not in just the capacity of being a body at a certain spot. Andrews and Hurst is a tremendous pass-catching set with the latter being in to block if it's a run that's set up to look like a pass because of the personnel. Boyle and Hurst is a pretty top-notch blocking duo and Hurst can actually run a route, get open, and/or do something after he catches the ball.

This really is not that hard and I hope we see Roman evolve as an offensive play-caller and developer. The base is there are a dynamic rushing team. Now it's time to get the passing game more well-rounded... and aggressive. That hasn't been his MO but the dude isn't a dinosaur either. There's hope for him yet. The maturing of the young offensive skill guys is going to go a long ways towards this as well.

Also, lets not forget Boyle is one failed drug test away from his third strike too. That's a big one. And the durability at the position thing db mentioned is real. I like the depth the team has at the cost. Just have to capitalize on it. Give the offense an actual good vet receiver and another quality offensive lineman and forget it. 

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