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2020 Offseason Mock

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According to Sportac, we have about 45.78 in salary cap.  The rookie salaries are expected to cost about 11.93 this year, leaving us with 33.85 mil to work with. 


     G. Glasgow- 5 yrs; 50 mil (40 guaranteed)      first year cap hit of 6 mil, then 10, 11, 11, &12

     T. Wilson- 2 yrs; 11 mil (8 mil guar.)

     R. Melvin- 2 yrs; 5 mil (4 guar.)

     M. Killebrew- 1 yr; 800k

     J. McKissic- 1 yr; 850k

     M. Ford- 1 yr; .55k

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