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2020 New York Jets Offseason version 2.0: Post-Combine

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49 minutes ago, Rich51 said:

I’d love to get Willis and I assume a3rd for the 11 pick. Personally I’d prefer Thomas but at this point I’ll trust JD’s decision. The 2nd I’d use on a WR. I‘D love for Higgins to drop but that’s unrealistic, still one of Aiyuk, Mims,  Hamler or DPJ  should still be available. In the 3rd I’d go for an IOL (Hennessy, Muti, D Williams would be my choices), another WR (Gandy-Golden, Hightower, j Reed, ,G. Davis) and, probably with the Giants pick, an edge (Anae, Highsmith, Uche ) 

I don’t think Higgins dropping is unrealistic bc he’s not as twitchy as some of the other guys. I on the other hand love him. I’d love it if he fell to us at 48. The more I think about it... I see Jeudy, Lamb and Ruggs all going top 15-20. After that... I can’t see all of Jefferson, Higgins, Mims, Aiyuk, Shenault, Reagor and Hamler all going in those next 25-30 picks or so. That'd be 1/4 of the picks in the draft until 48 all WRs. Which just isn’t going to happen.

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