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What's an NFL season that was just weird/unusual

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2 minutes ago, PapaShogun said:

The yardage total. There were a lot of guys putting up 1000 plus yard seasons. A few guys for whatever reason had career years at the same time.

I think the explanation for that is that aside from Moore/Perriman in Detroit and Carter/Reed in Minnesota, almost all those guys were on teams that didn't have a #2 WR worth a damn. It also explains why the following year's draft yielded the best group of WRs maybe ever.

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On 1/21/2020 at 5:53 PM, TitanSlim said:

2008 year was weird. 

-Brady getting hurt, leading to the Patriots missing the playoffs.

-Titans with Kerry Collins at QB starting 10-0 and finishing 13-3

-Favre playing with the Jets

-Dolphins winning the AFC East after going 1-15 the previous year.

-Cardinals going to the Super Bowl.

-Two rookie QBs starting the whole season and leading their teams to the playoffs in Ryan and Flacco(which was unheard of then).

-The Lions going 0-16

That's some of the things from that season. Just a weird season all around.

that year killed me...was so weird as an Eagles fan
Finally got a weapon since TO got cut with Desean.
Big week one and then nothing but ups and downs from there.

Until mid November...when the first tied game in 6 years (Eagles @ Bengals) happened, afterwards McNabb states that he "didn't know games could end in ties"
Next week get smoked by the Ravens. Like one of the worst beatings I've ever seen. Things got dark. People were done.

So we are dead in the water at 5-5-1 playing on Thanksgiving. And the team gets a spark against a floundering Cardinals team.
We rip off a couple more wins, we're 8-5-1...playoffs in our sight. And we go belly up at the Skins. We were lucky that Dallas had been losing most of December, but the Bears and Bucs were also in contention.

We had barely a chance to make it in. But then in Week 17 in the early slot the Texans upset the Bears by a TD...the lowly Kiffin Raiders upset the Bucs too.
So as our game is about to kickoff against Dallas at 4:15, we find out the game is a play and in game. Proceed to totally rock the Cowboys 44-6 and take the 6th seed.
Kept steamrolling our way through teams. First Tavaris Jackson & the Vikings. Next the reigning champion Giants,  who after a big kickoff return to start the game had nothing in the tank.

So we find ourselves against the 9-7 Cardinals in the NFC Championship game, the team that we beat up on to start this whole thing off.
Was gonna be the chance to right so many things. Last game for some Eagles greats in Dawkins and Tra Thomas..as well as all the others still on the team.
Would be Jim Johnson's last game before being diagnosed with cancer and dying right before camp the following year. 

Game starts, and the Cardinals get up (Larry would go on to have an amazing game)...but we come back.
McNabb finally in one of these games plays at the top of his game with 375 yds and 3 tds and leaves the field with the lead.
All we had to was have the D, that got us here with dominating play, make a stop. aaaand we break. Cards get a huge TD and it's all over.

Was the saddest loss I can remember and in hindsight with it being Jim & Dawk's last game here...it was tragic.

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You have Nashville and Jacksonville representing the AFC in the Title Game (an odd city matchup), and Nashville representing the AFC.

A former grocery store stock boy wins MVP of the league, and the Rams win the SB after sucking the last nine years.

The first year that there were uneven teams (because of the return of the Browns) since 1960.

A coach (Mike Ditka) traded his whole draft (and picks in 2000) for one player.

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Ditka was not the only one who really wanted Ricky Williams.

30 drunken Eagles fans bused up to NY at the draft booed THE EAGLES ORGANIZATION FOR NOT DRAFTING RICKY WILLIAMS

(they called themselves the dirty 30 and they were groupies for the 610 WIP morning slobs like Angelo Cataldi)

McNabb never got over that.

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1980 was unusual for the time.

Steelers miss the playoffs for the first time since 1971 (also, first year since 1970 that either Bradshaw, Griese, or Stabler didn't appear in an AFC Title Game). Also, Browns make playoffs for first time since 1972 (first Central title since 71).

Lions almost go from worst to first after drafting Billy Sims #1 overall.

Bills beat Miami for first time since 1969, win East for first time since 1966.

Old faces in new places (Stabler, Casper, and Jack Tatum in Houston, Lawrence McCutcheon in Denver [then Seattle]).

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On 1/22/2020 at 8:51 PM, SkippyX said:

Atlanta in 2010 was a 13 win team that got Baltimore 2019 style stomped in their first playoff game.

  • The WC Packers did wind up the best team.
  • The WC Saints were hot garbage that got ran over by a 7-9 team.
    • They were the 12th best playoff team by a long margin

Can confirm but without as much hyperbole. Brees tore his meniscus early in the season and played through it all year, finishing with a career high in INTs thrown. I thought they really had something with rookie UDFA Chris Ivory, who went down right before the playoffs leading to the ineptitude of Ladell Betts and Julius Jones for the playoffs (purchase your ironic Betts or Jones Saints jersey today!). In Week 7 against Cleveland, the Saints got blownout by a Coly Mccoy-led Browns team that generated 210 yards of offense, 60 of which came on a 4th down run from punter Reggie Hodges (or, 'the token black punter in Madden that never had a photo') (bonus: that same Browns team would blow out the New England Patriots two weeks later). Darren Sharper was an All Pro in 2010 with a statline of 16 tackles and 1 fumble recovery in 8 games played (1 start). Seriously.

On the surface of it the defense put up some decent stats but then they played against the lifeless corpse of Brett Favre (who would finally retire for good at the end of the year), Colt McCoy, Jimmy Clausen TWICE (nearly losing to an eventual 2-14 Panthers team in week 4 at home...), a 37 year old Jon Kitna, and... Max Hall of the Cardinals in his only career win in the NFL and THIS happened; such absurdity was commonplace all year and culminated in that most famous of touchdown runs in Seattle.

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2004 kind of felt weird to me. It's like halfway through the season it was obvious that only 3 teams were realistically contending that season, being the Patriots, Eagles, and Steelers. Everyone else was just along for the ride.

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To be clear about the 2010 Saints. They were 12 of 12 of the playoff teams in the playoff tournament but they were still an 11 win team coming off of the Super Bowl hangover. 

Many other teams in that circumstance have been far worse

  • 2003 Bucs
  • 2005 Eagles
  • 2016 Panthers
  • 1991 Giants
  • 2013 Ravens giving up 7 TD passes on their road game celebration week 1 (thanks to Angelos,  a greedy piece of filth)

I think the 2000 Rams were very similar to the 2010 Saints. (even though they lost to a 10 win Saints team)


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13 minutes ago, SkippyX said:
  • 2013 Ravens giving up 7 TD passes on their road game celebration week 1 (thanks to Angelos,  a greedy piece of filth)



letting the irrelevant Orioles dictate your season opener as the reigning SB champs. LOL.

The organisation def deserved to get absolutey demolished in Denver for letting that happen.

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