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TCMD: Trade to pick Harrison Hand

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Eagles trade 2021 6th and DE Joe Ostman to Bengals 

for 216 Eagles in which they select


Harrison Hand CB

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I liked Ostman though. Would they not bite on Shareef Miller?

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So after this tcmd mock draft finishes up I'm looking to run FFMD II using some changes that I feel will reduce the workload of the GM but I had a question about the time slots for the draft.  I use 40 minutes per pick for tcmd but I'm wondering if that time slot was enough for you guys within this war room thread.  If it provided you guys enough time to discuss your options.  It's been so long I had to go back and find what ffmd used in the past http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=577099 which they used the following time slots.  

Round 1 - (90 minutes time slots)

Round 2 (45-minute time slots)

Round 3 (45-minute time slots)

Round 4 (30-minute time slots)

Round 5 (30-minute time slots)

Round 6 (30-minute time slots)

Round 7 (30-minute time slots)



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Philadelphia Eagles Draft Press Conference 

We are very excited about the 9 players we have added to our roster. We have had pretty much an ideal scenario for our board and our needs.

S Xavier McKinney was a top 15 player on our board and Safety is a position that we very much needed an infusion of youth. Although we feel great about our starting duo of Malcolm Jenkins and Tre Boston having a top talent like McKinney as a 3rd safety and the future of the position is idea. We see McKinney as having a very similar skill set to Malcolm. Xavier is someone who is incredibly skilled and versatile and smart and can play all over the back 7 of our defense. It was a bit of a risk we would loose out on him when we traded down from 21 to 24, but to make that move and still get him was like a dream scenario for us.


One of the reasons we felt good about traded down from 21 that we felt that if McKinney was gone, we'd be really happy with  WR Jalen Reagor at 24. After round 1 ended and Reagor was still available we started calling around about trading up and at 39, Reagor was still available and we were able to get up to secure him without giving up that 3rd. Reagor gives us the need for youth, speed and big play ability as a deep threat, on jet sweeps and in the return game. His explosive play making ability is precisely was we coveted picking up in this draft. To be able to pick up two players we were so high on in the first two rounds was a dream scenario for the Eagles.


With the trade down in Round 1 we moved up significantly in round 3 and as we got closer to pick 88, we loved the options on our board and the Ravens came calling for pick 88. We were able to drop down to 92 and get back in to the 4th after trading away both 4ths to get Reagor. This is big for us to be able to have 5 picks on day 3. In the end we got the guy that we coveted at 88 anyway in DT Jordan Elliott. Elliott is a mammoth of a man with all of the skill and potential in the world. We think he will slide right in on a rotation with Malik Jackson and Hassan Ridgeway next to all pro DT Fletcher Cox. We think he has huge upside to contribute on limited snaps in year 1 and grow into a starter down the line.



With the pick we got back from the Ravens for trading down we were able to pick up another safety who we are very high on in K'Von Wallace. Wallace is a tremendously versatile player who can play single high, cover the slot and can be a core special teams player. We believe the long term prospects of having Wallace and McKinney as our safety duo is so exciting because they both play all over the secondary.


To start the 5th Round, we picked up a LB we are very excited about in David Woodward. David is a really active and high IQ football player that can key and diagnose plays quickly. Woodward is a strong run defender with upside in the passing game that can come in a compete for a starting job immediately.


Two picks later we were able to get one of our favorite players in the draft in WR QUARTNEY DAVIS. Davis was on our short list since our 3rd round selection so he was a no brainer for us here in the 5th. We love Davis's size and speed combo. He is an incredibly crisp route runner and can be dynamic is space. Davis has the size and movement skills play both in the slot and on the outside


Then just a few picks later we grabbed another guy who we were very excited about in T Justin Herron. Herron is great in space and in pass protection and really has the movement skills and athleticism we look for in a tackle. Herron with compete with Jordan Maliata as our swing T.


Then in the 6th, we added to our RB room with Patrick Taylor Jr.. Taylor is a big back with the size we coveted to compliment our existing RB's. Taylor isn't just a big body who can give us short yardage, but is really good in the screen and passing game making him an ideal fit for what we need in our offense.


We thought we were done in the draft but a player we had really high on our board kept slipping down so we moved some assets for the right to draft CB Harrison Hand. Hand is a local product who is a big and physical CB who won't be afraid of roughing up WR's and get his nose in there for run support. We think he has not only a chance to make the team but be a strong contributor on defense and special teams



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