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NFL Draft

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1 minute ago, animaltested said:

IDK, unable to dig into measurables too much. I will say, after watching all the follow up news conferences, PCJS have been really emphasizing grit, attitude, and professionalism along side a  big emphasis on strength and leverage. 

Then again, this is just a outsider perspective built off interviews. IDK.

Which makes it extra difficult for us to project, because those types of intangibles are largely unidentifiable from watching tape. Though, for a FO that emphasizes attitude, guys like Frank Clark and Darrell Taylor seem like interesting curveballs. 

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Pete Carroll said in a recent interview that Darrell Taylor made the draft for them. Apparently were considering him in the late 1st/early 2nd round. 

He also mentioned that he couldn't believe a guy like Alton Robinson fell as far as he did. 

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