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Greg Olson- Broken Foot- Out 6-8 Weeks UPDATE: Placed on IR


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On 9/18/2017 at 3:32 PM, atown703 said:

Hard to lose a star like Olsen but we gotta stay focused on winning games. Next man up...


I would love to see Bucky Hodges get some play time. Had an amazing 40 coming out of the draft... looking forward to seeing him out there

I think that Bucky Hodges would be a stretch at this point. As a Virginia Tech fan, he was mostly a Funchess. Played spread out more often than not, at least when he was making plays. He's got a lot of ability as a receiver, but I sincerely doubt that he could ever be an every down TE (not that I think that's what you're saying.) He needs to bulk up/toughen up as a blocker and I wonder what that kind of change would do to him as an explosive receiver. I'd love to see Bucky succeed, but to this point, I think it's pretty apparent that Hodges, Isaiah Ford, and Jerod Evans all ******* themselves up ROYALLY by leaving for the draft early. VT could have legitimately been a national title contender with those three and that would have done wonders for their pedigrees, instead they ended up as roster fodder, partly due to the fact that they all came out to early. 

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