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Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 02/17/2020)

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I would be pretty happy with this haul for the Falcons come draft day for sure.  I personally would take Epenesa who i have as a top 10 player over Chassion who i have around pick 20 or so. I just like AJ better and prefer the bigger guy for the Falcons right now.  The rest of the picks are spot on and perfect picks in the correct round where those needs should be drafted at.  Overall it gets an A from me even with Chassion in the 1st.  AJ Epenesa makes it an A+ and i don't think we could have done any better at all

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2 hours ago, CHOMP_CHOMP said:

lol you play waaaaay to much Madden. Its not the same in real life. What team, picking at #1, would trade out of that spot and not draft this generational QB?

A team that already has their QB.  Just answering your question :)    BTW:  did I open a can of worms with my comments or what....love it :) 

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