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Coach Lynn extended

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19 hours ago, Duffman57 said:

First off, why are you kicking Tevi inside.  The biggest thing he struggles with is his anchor, which will get massively exposed at OG, and the best thng about his game is how he moves and blocks in space, which will be taken away from his game.  That's going to make it SO much worse.  I'll be curious to see how they try to develop him at OT. Meyer really struggled developing an anchor with guys (Feeney too), so I'm hopeful that Campen can help develop that in Tevi and Feeney and get the best out of them, because they both have really good qualities.

I just don't see the need to double up on OT's.  Pipkins is a perfect fit for Campen, and Tevi would be a perfect swing T with him.  I think we can get 1 very quality starter at RT and not have to even think twice. 

Becton is a massive man, and a great OT, along with the fact that he is an athletic freak.  But I don't think his game fits what Campen (and Lynn) like to do at OT. The guys I think fit best are on that list.  Cleveland, Thomas/Wirfs, Charles, Bartch and Jones (probably).  IMO it's get your guy at QB, and let the OL fall into place and develop.  Thats what you got Campen for, his ability to develop guys in the draft.  

Lol no I meant if one of the drafted guys could kick inside if Tevi finally gets RT. I think the only thing we have in Tevi is someone going to get kicked off. 

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On 2/10/2020 at 9:27 AM, CWood21 said:

You got a good one in Campen.  He's probably the only coach from the McCarthy era that Packers fans were disappointed they didn't retain.  He was loyal to McCarthy, so it makes sense that he wasn't going to be retained but it was disappointing nonetheless.  He's one of the best OL coaches in the game.

Co-sign. Great OL coach, sorry to lose him
Campen is an excellent teacher and part of that is because he was an O-Lineman himself.
Smart guy and he played Center for the Saints and Packers, his career ended just as Favray was getting started.

Under the Thompson/MM Regime, they'd draft college LTs and turn em into talented, athletic OGs/OC's
They did that with Sitton and Lang and Campen was a huge part of that development.
JC Tretter was another one, 4th round college LT who became a starting Center and the Browns paid him in FA.
David Bahktiari was another 4th round college LT who the Packers grabbed as a potential OC conversion, but he developed into a top-tier LT under Campen's tutelage. Congrats on landing him

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