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Nacho Simulation Football League (Season 19 - Taco Bowl XIX POSTED)

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4 hours ago, ravens5520 said:

In a re draft format. Would teams with extra draft capital keep those picks from the teams they belonged too? Something to think about

My thought process on this would be it is just pushed out a season.

Or you have a redraft with a randomised snake draft with 20 (Or your available number of tags) keeper tags to spend. You can spend them in whichever way you want, the. We move onto a normal season draft with the current order.

I'm really just throwing things out though. Been what 12/13 seasons for me it can get a touch stale repeating things with the same players.

It's why I traded Russ and Sherm way back when.

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43 minutes ago, Counselor said:

I’m not saying this because I am of any value to the league or to swag anything I’m probably more of a detriment if anything but just a heads up if you do a complete redraft count me out. 

No need to worry. There is a 0% chance of a redraft is happening

It's kind of weird how much ppl are talking about it as if they are debating if/how/when to go about it

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12 hours ago, bcb1213 said:

I'd be in if there's a fresh redraft 

every season there is a new draft, with some players are held as keepers

both available teams are at pretty solid starting points.. one has elite WR keepers and a few other pieces, but TONS of draft capital

the other has an elite QB, some really nice defensive pieces, and two 1st round picks


you'll get a really fresh team either way, with the ability to be competitive out of the gate AND to draft the majority of your team

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