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2020 Packer Forum Dynasty League (Discussion/Rules)

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2013 Champion: JBurge

2014 Champion: Kal-El

2015 Champion: Kal-El

2016 Champion: JBurge 

2017 Champion: Charisma

2018 Champion: JBurge 

2019 Champion: Cadmus


I wanted to start earlier than usual due to a number of proposed rules changes, etc (not that we'll be getting a ton completed/voted on until the summer, but it's always good to have an open forum to discuss any potential ideas to improve the league).  

Just going to start with a basic roll call. Please let me know your intentions as soon as possible. 

You guys did an awesome job again last year, and I thought it was a fairly smooth transition to Sleeper. I had very few issues with weekly lineups, and it remains one of the easier leagues I've ever managed. Since I promised a $20 Amazon GC to the 2019 winner and I ended up being the owner to dethrone @JBURGE  I've decided to roll that $20 over for the 2020 Champion. 

(At the moment) League Members for 2020 (Please let me know if you don't want to be in the league as soon as reasonably possible): 

@JBURGE @ChaRisMa @CombOver @Lieker @Bieker1 @PandaSquadAlpha @Dwade1001 @chucknorris101 @ajdodge09 @DannyB @squire12 @Cadmus @Packerraymond @KingOfTheNorth

2020 Draft Order (As discussed last summer, and I have provided regular season chart below)

1)    ChuckNorris
2)    DannyB 
3)    PackerRaymond
4)    PandaSquadAlpha
5)    CombOver
6)    KingOfTheNorth 
7)    Squire12
8)    Charisma 
9)    Dwade
10)    Lieker
11)    AJDodge
12)    Bieker 
13)    JBurge 
14)    Cadmus 


Any Questions/Concerns? 


Let's discuss ideas for 2020. 



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I’m back for next year. I’m interested in transitioning to a 1/2 PPR.

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I'm back. Think PPR should be discussed. Also like to visit draft order and the use of the max points vs actual points. 

Think everything else went fairly smooth. Maybe a smaller allotment of waiver dollars next year since everyone seemed to have a pretty healthy amount at year's end?

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I'm back for next year as well. I am for PPR as well.  Also would like to either get rid of Defense or re-work the scoring.

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Kill Defense. With Fire. its a worthless random crapshoot from a byegone fantasy era. Id we must have something make it IDP.

1/2 PPR.

Bring the league out of the stone age. with the above

TBH, Id love to also bring it to a full dynasty, so early picks arent overvalued and lower picks (only to like 4 rounds iguess then) have some value.

And tbqh if im getting everything i want, superflex is the only way to give QB any actual value. especially so in 14 team. Only way we could make that transition maybe fair would be to set it up for 4 years out or have a QB wipe and supplemental auction/redraft of QBs or something along those lines.


Edit: if you havent done a sleeper transition before, its not a major deal, just click on the transition button, and hit dynasty and then select everyone to come back. the 2019 league will still exist, and be under a drop down on the app or in the 2019 year in the desktop


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