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mr fluffles

Seven Rounds! FIrst Mock of the Season. Bonus: First Round Player Comps

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2 hours ago, FalconFan13 said:

Good lord fluff what a monster Falcons draft.  I would say every pick you did was good value and most of them were needed positions in the order you drafted them.   Brown, Weaver, Clyde, and Dye is about as good as you can get in this draft for the Falcons in each round.  The only 2 picks i personally would have changed is in round 4 instead of the TE i would have went with Solomon Kindley at OG  and then in round 7 went with Wilcox at TE.  We are pretty set at Punter so no reason to take one in the draft and we need a LG more than a TE to me right now.

Thanks man always appreciated.  I'll note for the next version.

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18 hours ago, kingseanjohn said:

For starters, the Chiefs came back in the 4th quarter and won the Super Bowl. So outside of the 2nd round, they're picking 32. They are picking 31 in the 2nd due to the Frank Clark trade.

Like it. But entirely depends on how the board falls and free agency. If Jones walks, Gallimore is a consideration.

Good pick especially if we don't re-sign anyone

Not sure on the player, but I like the position.

Not a fan. We could use a LB but no one left is a clear upgrade. I'd look at TE, WR, OL, or DL instead.

Not sure on the player, but I like the position.

Damn, I went to bed after the 3rd Quarter!  Fixed.

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20 hours ago, mr fluffles said:

Round 1

1. Cincinnati  - Joe Burrow, QB, LSU  PC:  Joe Montana

Round 2

33. Cincinnati  - Cesar Ruiz, IOL, Michigan

34. Indianapolis (From Washington) - Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU
36. NY Giants  - Grant Delpit, S, LSU
42. Jacksonville  -Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama  

58. Minnesota  - Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Arizona State   

Round 3

65. Cincinnati - Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, Michigan

66. Washington - Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor
67. Detroit - Malik Harrison, LB, Ohio State

70. Miami  -Tyler Biadasz, IOL,  Wisconsin  
88. New Orleans  -Van Jefferson, WR. Florida
92. Baltimore  - David Woodward, LB, Utah State
94. Green Bay  - Ben Bartch, OT,  Saint John's
102. Pittsburgh (Compensatory Pick) - Troy Pride Jr, CB,  Notre Dame  
103. Philadelphia (Compensatory Pick) - Jordyn Brooks, LB, Texas Tech  


Round 4

104. Cincinnati  - Markus Bailey, LB, Purdue

105. Washington  - Thaddeus Moss, TE, LSU  
108. Houston (From Miami) - Damien Lewis, IOL, LSU
109. LA Chargers  - Nick Harris, IOL, Washington
112. Cleveland  - Rashard Lawrence, IDL, LSU

121. Pittsburgh  -Solomon Kindley, OL, Georgia
123. LA Rams  -  Saahdiq Charles, OT, LSU

127. New Orleans  - John Simpson, IOL, Clemson


Round 5

145. Cincinnati  -  Josiah Deguara, TE, Cincinnati

159. Indianapolis  - Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty
172. Jacksonville (From LA Rams) -Michael Onwenu, IOL,  Michigan
177. Denver (Compensatory Pick) - Devin Duvernay, WR, Texas

Round 6

179. Cincinnati  - DJ Wonnum, Edge, South Carolina

190. NY Jets - Lynn Bowden, WR, Kentucky
199. Chicago (From Philadelphia)  - AJ Green, CB, Oklahoma State

Round 7

214. Cincinnati   - James Robinson, RB, Illinois State

215. Washington  - Shaqille Quarterman, LB, Miami
216. San Francisco (From Detroit)  - Calvin Taylor Jr., IDL, Kentucky
239. Houston -   Tyler Bass, K, Georgia Southern
240. Seattle  -  Michael Divinity Jr, Edge, LSU

Round 1: The only choice
Round 2: Much better value on the board, to me it's between Delpit and Diggs, i'd go with Diggs
Round 3: Raw potential is there, but this is too high to take DPJ, i'd go with Mims, Harrison, or Diadaz, i'll go with Harrison here
Round 4: Solid pick, but guys I like more and if I just took Harrison, probably not going with LB again.  Probably go with the better of Lewis or Kindley here
Round 5: I like Gandy-Golden as a better value in rd 5 than DPJ in rd 3
Round 6: Wonnum is a solid pick here, I listed other options, but probably stick with Wonnum
Round 7: Give me my boy Tyler Bass and kick Bullock to the curb!

  1. Joe Burrow, QB, LSU
  2. Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama
  3. Mallik Harrison, LB, Ohio State
  4. Damien Lewis, OG, LSU
  5. Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty
  6. DJ Wonnum, Edge, South Carolina
  7. Tyler Bass, K, Georgia Southern
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Solid overall Falcons draft. Only change I would make is maybe throw in a CB there instead of the punter. Also, I'd probably go OL instead of a LB in Rd 3... but overall, good job.

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4. NY Giants  - Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa PC: Trent Williams 
I agree he is a stud and should be the first OT taken

9. Jacksonville  - Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson  PC: Derwin James 
Way too low for him, and he is not Derwin James, I think he is a OLB all the way in the NFL and a hell of a OLB at that


25. Minnesota  - Ross Blacklock, IDL, TCU  PC: A'Shawn Robinson
Not a fan of that, Blacklock is good but more 2nd round or later good and for Minnesota to not draft OL till the 6th round will simply never happen.  That OL is awful and is an absolute need and the #1 need in many ways.  They address is 1st round and if not in the 2nd and possibly the 3rd.

49. Pittsburgh  - Joshua Uche, Edge, Michigan 
Should go 1st round I feel, best pure 3/4 OLB in the class outside of Chassion


67. Detroit - Malik Harrison, LB, Ohio State
One of the best OLBs in the draft and should be a late 1st or early 2nd rounder

70. Miami  -Tyler Biadasz, IOL,  Wisconsin 
Why does he fall this far?  Outside of just seeing what some draft site might have him ranked

81. Las Vegas (From Chicago) - Darnay Holmes, CB, UCLA 
Bit of a reach if he goes this high    

85. Philadelphia  -Noah Igbinoghene, CB Auburn
I don't get the hype with him, maybe it is a speed thing but he is a good corner but has never really been great honestly

101. Houston (Compensatory Pick) -  James Lynch, IDL, Baylor
Why would a beast like him last this long and fall that far?

125. Buffalo  - Francis Bernard, LB, Utah
His athletic ability in coverage I do question

146. Washington  -Amik Robertson CB, Louisiana Tech 
He should be gone by the 2nd or 3rd round

150. Carolina  -Javon Leake, RB, Maryland
Would be surprised if he is drafted

159. Indianapolis  - Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty
With his jump ball athletic ability he goes higher than this

182. NY Giants - Levonta Taylor, CB, Florida State 
Maybe is drafted but honestly had a bad career considering how talented he was early, never really put it together

183. Carolina  - Stephen Sullivan, TE, LSU
Would be a big projection if drafted, good athlete but not sold on his TE transition at all

190. NY Jets - Lynn Bowden, WR, Kentucky
Why would such an electric player last this long?

200. Buffalo  - Ritchie Grant, S, Central Florida
As far as I know I believe he is back at UCF and did not declare as a RS JR this past year

222. Jacksonville -Darius Anderson, RB, TCU 
Would be surprised if he lasts this long

249. Miami (Compensatory Pick) -  Jared Mayben, S, Alabama
Not sure he is worth drafting honestly, I would be surprised if he is drafted and if he is it is only because he played for Bama

254. NY Giants (Compensatory Pick)  -Darrion Daniels, DB, Nebraska  
I assume you mean the DT from Nebraska and no way he lasts to the 7th round, kid can play and is a solid mid round pick

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Not a lot to dislike in that Lions draft. The only issue that I have is taking Marlon Humphrey at #3 overall. If you're taking that guy there, he has to be better than Humphrey. Darrelle Revis in the Revis Island era good, otherwise there's a lot of guys that also fit and have much better comps. 

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Really dislike the 1st and 2nd round picks for the Jets. We with not a good offense (meaning our defense was on the field a good amount) and missing our best defender (CJ Mosley) still had the 7th best defense in the NFL. Just having a better offense and keeping the defense off the field should keep us as a top 10 defense.


That being said thats why I dont like our 1st 2 picks. Edge and CB. Needs to be OT and WR. The way you have the draft falling... the pick at 11 has to be Jerry Jeudy. That being said I dont see all 4 of Wills, Becton, Thomas and Wirfs all going top 10.

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Aside from CB, I don't see any problems.

We've got three up and comers at CB, who all had amazing games throughout the year last season. 

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32. Kansas City  - D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia 
63. Kansas City  -  Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia
96. Kansas City  - Robert Hunt, IOL, Louisiana 
135. Kansas City  - Justin Strnad, LB, Wake Forest 
176. Kansas City  - Gabriel Davis, WR, UCF 

Not thrilled with a RB in round #1. It's not a prime position or a need. There are a bunch of good CB, Diggs, Terrell, Gladney. Pick one. 
If you don't get a CB with #32, Hall is fine. Value here is Tyler Baidasz.
Hunt is a reach, especially when they pass on Baidasz. This is where a LB makes sense, like ADG. There are none near the top of the board, but RB, TE, WR all work here.
Strnad is meh. This is wide open , so pick from the top of the big board. You could even take a QB here. Likewise at #176


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Epic fail for the Steelers.  Just drafting a RB knocks it down a grade or 2.  Not addressing the TE position until the 6th?

The 2nd round pick could be

Cole Kmet or Jonah Jackson or Jalen Reagor or Antoine Winfield Jr or Justin Madubuike.  Any of them would fill a need

If you did not take Kmet in the 2nd then Moss in the 3rd would have worked

Ezra Cleveland or Davon Hamilton would work better for the 2nd 4th round pick.

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On 2/6/2020 at 11:26 AM, mr fluffles said:

30. Green Bay  -  Patrick Queen, LB, LSU  PC: Hassan Reddick

Player comp is off.  He's more Deion Jones than Haason Reddick.  Fits a positional need, but the Packers haven't taken a non-premium position in the first round since 2006 when they took AJ Hawk.  The value on Grant Delpit would be almost interesting enough to not pass up if they can figure out a way to work a 3 safety look as their base defense.

On 2/6/2020 at 11:26 AM, mr fluffles said:

62. Green Bay  -KJ Hamler, WR, Penn State

Don't think he fits the mold of what the Packers want out of their WRs.  I think Denzel Mims or DPJ is more likely.  Could also try to improve the IOL with Tyler Biadasz.

On 2/6/2020 at 11:26 AM, mr fluffles said:

94. Green Bay  - Ben Bartch, OT,  Saint John's

Not a bad pick.  James Lynch or KJ Hill are two other potential picks as well.

On 2/6/2020 at 11:26 AM, mr fluffles said:

133. Green Bay  - Larrell Murchinson, IDL, North Carolina State

Solid value here I'd think. 

On 2/6/2020 at 11:26 AM, mr fluffles said:

174. Green Bay  - Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Missouri

Strong value this late in the draft.

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At #135 Albert Okwuegbunam is the pick. He's a possible in round #3 and a no-brainer a round later.


Edited by onejayhawk

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