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rbens06 Feb 7 2020 Mock Draft

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12 hours ago, Pilprin said:

I agree with you Packer FA re-signs...although I am optimistic that Bulaga Returns.

Other FA's 

I like Perriman, Pierce, and Littleton as signings.

I like the draft.

Perriman was the guy I originally had is signing, but the chance to get Watkins was what I went with here. Perriman still is a big question mark as this was the only year he really showed his potential and it came in a pass happy offense where he was called on as the third option at best. But I do like him if he can come cheap.

Littleton I think gets paid more than what we would be willing to spend. Another guy I’d like But don’t think the money will be there to get him here.

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13 hours ago, rbens06 said:

Thanks! I did consider IDL in the second as I think we could still get a quality receiver in the third, but I went Reagor as I think he is too much value and can compliment Adams/Lazard combo extremely well. I like Davis and that swap out I’d be on with, I did have Davis off the board though.

That's literally the only reason we should be looking at him TBH.

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