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If Julio retired today: How many WR’s higher all-time?

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Top 15 or 20 for sure. The only thing i think that knocks a lot of guys down in terms of greatness based on stats (fair or unfair) is how titled the rules are for offenses which is why we see QBs throwing for alot of yards on average compared to before. with that being said Jones is been a top 3-5 WR most of his career and the best for a few years among his contemporaries and should be in the HOF. In terms of overall ranking, like a said definitely top 15 or top 20 

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On 2/13/2020 at 1:03 PM, showtime said:

I'm not knocking Julio Jones.  He's a great player; however, the lack of TD's is disturbing for a guy people will be putting in the category of one of the best ever based on his talent and other forms of production. 

I get that he brought them to the red zone countless times.  All elite players can do that.  The guy is 6'3" with great leaping ability and an insane catch radius.  He's able to dominate all over the field - until he gets to the red zone then he doesn't look all-time great anymore.

Hes only had more than 8 TDs in a season 1 time in his career....and that was ironically enough 8 years ago in 2012. To put that in perspective AJ Green has 3 10+ TD seasons in 1 less season played than Julio and they are the same type of WR.

Julio Jones- 57 TDs, 126 Games, 9 Seasons

AJ Green- 63 TDs, 111 Games, 8 Seasons

It is fair to bring up his TD totals when talking about where he ranks all time. Thats when you start splitting hairs with statistics so it should could against him if we are comparing to other all time great WRs.

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