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2020 Kamakura Kamikazes - 5th Draft Season

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Record to date:

2016     1-15
2017     3-13
2018     3-13
2019     13-3     2-1

Cumulative    20-44     .313          2-1     .667

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Note: if actual contract does not match expected/reported contract, the signing announcement may be revoked.


Salary Cap Estimates 2020


Total $198,200,000

Current Contracts  $124,651,262
Dead Money $ 358,928
Rookie Pool Estimate $6,197,072 (Now lower)

Pre-Free-Agency Expected Salary Cap Spending 131,207,262

Available Before Free Agency $66,992,738

Contracts Expected to be Extended (Expiring):
Myles Garrett de 20
Jamal Adams s 20
Joe Mixon rb 20
George Kittle te 21

Other Contracts That May Be Extended (Expiring):
Quenton Nelson og 21
Dede Westbrook wr 20
James Daniels c-g 21
Ben Braunecker te 20
DJ Jones dt 20

Significant Free Agents:
Kareem Hunt rb Tendered @ 2nd
Jordan Howard rb Signed 2/$10
Javon Hargrave dt Signed 3/$39
Tim Jernigan dt Let walk
Andrew Billings dt Signed 1/$3.5
Jamie Collins lb Let walk
Danny Trevathan lb Signed 3(5)/$21.75
Kamu Grugier-Hill lb Signed 1/$3
Darryl Worley cb Let walk
Jalen Mills cb Signed 1/$5
Mackensie Alexander cb Signed 1/$4
Shilique Calhoun lb Probably signed. need details. 2yr

Roy Robertson-Harris olb Tendered @ 2nd
Robert Foster wr Signed
Brian Hill rb Tendered @ original rd = 5th
Matt Haack p Tendered @ original rd = udfa
Trent Sieg ds Tendered @ original rd = udfa


I've kept the big contract future obligations low, with only my qb in an 8-digit contract (+Hargrave), but the team is entering a new phase of its life cycle. I feel I have to lock down Garrett, Adams, Kittle, and probably Mixon. None of those will be cheap, but I think all will play hard on second contracts. Quenton Nelson is around the corner, and I have to budget to keep him down the road.

Plus, my deep defensive tackle position is gutted. I lost all depth at rb. I've prepared for cb turnover, but I may want 1 or 2 back. I have decisions at lb and special teams.

So suddenly $68 million does not look like that much, and I have to spend wisely. I do have some huge carryforward from last year, so there is no concern for 2020. I have to be careful for 2021.

My goal is to get back to the Super Bowl and win it. I am in flexible cap space shape. I just have a lot of work to do.




Edited by Techbert

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Posted (edited)

New FA Signings:

De'Vondre Campbell olb Az 1/$8.5

Minor FA Signings:

Chris Streveler qb Az Futures

New Trade:

7th rd 2020 pick for Jurrell Casey dt Den - long time dt will be playing de in 3-4. I'll put him next to Hargrave (with big bodies Jones and Billings) and consider dt to be upgraded. Zero dead money if I cut him in 2021 or 2022. I don't see signs his play is degrading. I am very very very very happy.

Edited by Techbert

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Posted (edited)

Picks (Selecting 32nd out of 33 each round) (Deleted suppl pick not used IRL from overall pick sequence))

($ is Rookie Pool)

1-32  $1,944,316
2-65  $894,248
3 Used in supplemental draft
3-100 Compensatory pick (s Tyrann Mathieu) $814,509
3-106 Compensatory pick (qb Nick Foles) $814,509
4 Used in supplemental draft
5-185  $660,586
6 Traded to TEN for DL Jurrell Casey DEN
7-251  $628,551

Current Rookie Pool is $5,756,719


Edited by Techbert

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Posted (edited)

Pre-Draft Salary Cap & Depth Chart (regularly updated)

Total $198,200,000

Current $170,324,012
Dead $358,928
Rookie Pool $5,756,719

Available $21,760,341 (plus $610K*6 for rookies)

(Missing the contracts of Calhoun, Thomas, Billings, Alexander)


QB (3) Jimmy Garropolo SF, Jarrett Stidham NE, Chris Streveler Az
RB (6) Joe Mixon Cin, Jordan Howard Mia, Kareem Hunt Cle, Brian Hill Atl, Bo Scarbrough Det, Ryan Nall Chi
WR (9)Anthony Miller Chi, Dede Westbrook Jax, Robert Foster Buf, Vyncint Smith NYJ, Andy Jones Mia, Josh Doctson NYJ, Quincy Adeboyjo NE, Cyril Grayson TB, Krishawn Hogan NO
TE (4) George Kittle SF, Ben Braunecker Chi, Logan Thomas Was, Jake Butt Den
OT (2) Marcus Cannon NE, Bobby Massie Chi,
OG (4) Quenton Nelson Ind, James Daniels Chi, Eric Kush LV, Anthony Fabiano TB
C (2) Cody Whitehair Chi, Jake Brendel SF

DE (6) Nick Bosa SF, Myles Garrett Cle, Dean Lowry GB, Roy Robertson-Harris Chi, Joe Ostman Phi, Mike Love Buf
DT (4) Javon Hargrave Phi, Jurrell Casey Den, DJ Jones SF, Andrew Billings Cle
LB (10) Fred Warner SF, Danny Trevathan Chi, De'Vondre Campbell Az, Shilique Calhoun NE, Chase Winovich NE, Kamu Grugier-Hill Mia, Emeke Egbule LAC, Jordan Evans Cin, Shaquem Griffin Sea, Emmanuel Ellerbee Sea
S (6) Jamal Adams NYJ, Tashaun Gipson Hou, Jalen Mills Phi, Chauncey Gardner NO, Jalen Thompson Az, Deionte Thompson Az
CB (5) Rock Ya-Sin Ind, Greedy Williams Cle, Mackensie Alexander Cin, Josh Jackson GB, Jimmy Moreland Was,


Edited by Techbert

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This is Evil Techbert. I am transmitting Live from a secure location where I can make ALL the PICKS for the Kamikazes, all by myself. I won't say where it is... yes, I will say where it is. Pattiya Beach, Thailand. It is very nice. The water is warm. I am not practicing social distancing here.

So Sam Hinkie... Cyn Frelund... the rest of you rebellious lackies... you plot has failed. I have intercepted your agent.. your first TWO agents... who were sent to infiltrate my secret lair and attach these shock collars to me if I picked wrong. They FAILED! {Fiendish laugh, followed by an even more fiendish laugh, followed by a forced fiendish laugh that was just embarrassing.} But I let the third one succeed, cuz who doesn't want to wear a shock collar on a Friday? (Yes. It is Friday here.) So get ready to shock your thin little button fingers to the bone! I am at large and in charge!


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1-32 Josh Jones ot Hou

Good feet. Has a lot of work to do. Had 4 OC's in his college career, so no surprise he needs development. I need young tackles and you are not going to get better than Josh picking near the end of the round every year. Prolly a rot in the League, but has the feet of a lot. I don't think anyone will move him inside.

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2-65 Harrison Bryant te FAU

Cuz George Kittle needs a baby brother.

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Major trade that was made "before" the last pick.

Trade 3-106 & 3(21) for Trent Williams ot (Wash to SF).

Just like the 49ers... again.

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Evil Techbert explains his draft strategy.

Every comic book superhero has first and last names that start with the same letter. Peter Parker. Bruce Banner. Klark Kent. Millie the Model. So Josh Jones is destined to be a football superhero. George Kittle and Harrison Bryant sounds like George Harrison when you put them together, and he was my favorite Beatle. Antonio Dandy Golden just had a cool name. Prince Wakanda has access to vibranium and imagine our team if we make our helmets from that stuff! I got bored so I traded my last pick so I could hit the beaches early.

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Sam Hinkie: We may have to trade Jamal Adams.
Evil Techbert: No! Jamal is awesome! And he runs at the mouth! Sign him.
Sam: We just signed Myles Garrett for every dollar in the world.
ET: Good!
Sam: Should we sign Joe Mixon?
ET: Mixon! Mixonmixonmixon! Sign him!
Sam: should we sign George Kittle?
ET: Of course! George is awesome and is the third weirdest person in the organization.
Sam: Salary cap is probably going to drop next year due to COVID-19.
ET: Hmmm. Okey. Cut Ben Braunecker and trade Jamal Adams.


Kamis trade:

Jamal Adams s Sea
4th round 2022 pick

Kamis receive:

1st round 2021 SEA pick
1st round 2022 SEA pick
3rd round 2021 SEA pick
Bradley McDougald s NYJ

Pending physicals

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Congrats to the NFL Top 100 Kamikazes!

80 Myles Garrett de
71 Jurrell Casey dt
70 Fred Warner lb
43 Jimmy Marcopolo qb
29 Quenton Nelson og
17 Nick Bosa de
7 George Kittle te

Honorable Mention to outgoing Kami 27 Jamal Adams s

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