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2020 NFL Offseason

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We are about 1 month away from FA opening and the combine comes up in a few weeks so I'm starting a general offseason thread. Teams can start franchising players Feb 25 but that should be a quiet period for us.

With the hiring of Joe Judge and Jason Garrett, that increases the chances we spend on Devin McCourty or Byron Jones, both of which I would be pretty happy with. McCourty is a high-character guy who has obviously won a lot. He's also from the area and could be a great mentor for our young secondary as a guy who has played CB and FS for many years. Byron Jones is a younger, more athletic version of McCourty. He doesn't have as much pedigree yet still will likely be more expensive than McCourty. Joe Judge is going to push versatility and both of these guys have it so I think there is a good chance we end up with one of them.

The stars have really aligned for us to sign a legitimate pass rusher as well. There aren't typically as many big name rushers that hit the open market so we have some options. We HAVE TO come away with one of those top guys. I know it will be painful to have completely wasted a premium draft pick but we have to let Leonard Williams walk. There is no use tying up so much cap space in a run stuffer that pushes the pocket a little bit.

If I'm the Giants I go with McCourty, Yannick Ngakoue and Isaiah Simmons at #4. Immediately makes our defense aggressive and versatile. In this situation I hope to grab on OT with our 2nd pick. 



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