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Turf Show Times

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SB Nation in general is just a giant poo-flinging endeavor.  Whitman and the others running the Seahawks sub for them are just enormous trolls.  And SBN in general is fairly indiscriminate about fanhood in doling out who is in charge/editors of the various subs so long as they're churning out gobs of content.  Sometimes, when it's a quality writer/analyst in general (like Kyle Posey who took over the Niners sub a year ago despite being a Chargers fan), that lack of discrimination is a good thing - or at least yields good results, but that's rare.

I know the real content power behind the Chargers sub (Richard Wade is alright - he and I have butted heads in the past, but we've mostly patched things up - but he was more a figurehead when he took over for Gennaro), Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle, have packed up their stuff and moved on.

Somehow I get the feeling that there's pressure coming from the higher-ups at SBN in general to be more like Barstool Sports, which is just an utterly terrible idea to begin with.

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