Hello and Welcome!   I have taken the liberty to design a bracket to declare the best movie OF ALL TIME is. Who best to tackle this question than us, here on a football forum? We are the obvious choice. The bracket is first cut into EIGHT genres as follows: Comedy Horror Thriller Action/Adventure Sci-Fi Fantasy Drama Romance   Of each genre, 8 movies will be picked to enter the bracket. These 8 flicks will be representing one of 8 time periods: 1940s and earlier 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s   Who decides which movie from each time period makes it onto the bracket? Well, you do. Every 2 weeks (for the foreseeable future), I will be pinning a thread atop the Entertainment sub. The first week will be for nominations of that Genre and time period along with discussion, petty squabbles, and maybe some name calling. The nominations will then be place into a poll for the final week, where they will be voted on and the winner will enter the bracket. The bracket's will be seeded by total votes gotten in this phase, the lowest vote getters will face the highest vote getters.  Once every time period in a genre class has been decided and that bracket is set, we will enter into the next phase. The next set of threads will be weekly one on one poll battles to decide who moves up the bracket until we declare a winner to come out of that genre. From there, the process starts anew with a different genre. Each winner, again seeded in the same way based on TOTAL votes gotten throughout their genre brackets, will be placed in a new 8 movie bracket to decide the best of the best, regardless of genre.  This Thread will be used to update brackets and will be kept locked. Discussion should take place in the voting threads! Below is the eventual FINAL bracket when the Elite 8 are decided (placement of genre's not final RE; seeding): Comedy           Horror                       Fantasy           Thriller               Elite Eight   Action/Adventure           Sci-Fi                       Drama           Romance