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Tag Distribution

Tag Distribution  

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  1. 1. I keep hearing because next season is the last of the current CBA, that teams can use both the Franchise and Transition tags. Assuming Dak gets signed prior to March 10th, who would receive each tag, if any?

    • Amari(non-exclusive Franchise) & Byron(Transition)
    • Byron(non-exclusive Franchise) & Amari(Transition)
    • Use only 1 tag(please give details)
    • Use no tags. Make them team friendly offers.

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  • Poll closed on 02/21/2020 at 08:21 PM

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I think Amari is 100% to get tagged with something. He'll get the franchise if Dak doesn't get it, transition if Dak does.

I do think the Cowboys will use the transition tag as well. But it wouldn't surprise me if the give it to Quinn. He seems to be more of a priority for them.

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