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Atlanta Falcons vs Greenbay Packers

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Anyway for my thoughts -

Every time we beat the Packers I smile for days.

What an opening drive!! That was a thing of beauty. Sark should have just called the same plays all night. I think we can all agree that Dan wants an emphasis on the run, even if we are going nowhere .... haha. If this O continues to progress as it is then it will be deadly come playoffs.


As for the D! Well how fast is it!! I love seeing them fly around. So much passion and energy! And just like the O if they continue to gel then it is going to be a very nice season for us all. 




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The game is a bit late for me so I watched it from bed on my laptop so posting would have been a bit awkward.

I'm happy with the win but scared with all the injuries.

I didn't mind some runs for 1 or 2 yards once in a while, if anything it keeps the D honest. Freeman had a great game imo, while Coleman also did well. Sanu was pretty clutch and Julio was Julio. I'd like to see Hooper/Toilolo be used a bit more often as passing options but ehh, can't complain.

The D looked much improved from last year. So much speed. It wasn't all good though Alford had his typical dumb penalty and I was suprised to see Debo miss some tackles. I was afraid around the 3rd quarter they might have started to get gassed but they seemed to push through it. Loved the sack Clayborne had on Rodgers.

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