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Hey guys I know I been away for a while and it was with good reason. I basically thought about an idea of creating a massive hub for raider fans. Every content creator on the channel (15) are die hard fans you have about 8 Raiderettes and the rest are guys. If you want to watch highlight videos, gaming, vlogs, Raider debates, come check us out. When it comes to gaming we have some of the top pro player shooters online from (apex,fortnite,call of duty, and many more. On friday nights we also throw a premiere where all the subs and content creators jump in one room and watch horror shorts together its just fun and laughs and you would have to experience it for yourself to see what all the hype is about. I wont ever ask for paypal donations or patreon support on my channel I have restricted all the other Raider content creators that work for my channel not to ask for any donations so you guys can really just come hang out without pressure of spending anything. We honestly believe we have something to offer everyone

Funny Moments & Twork Session|| Raiderette Michii

if you want to join the friday nights simply click on the link hit the reminder button and dont forget to smash the like button it goes a long way.


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