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Simulated 7 rd mock draft for the Broncos. Thoughts

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Over all I think I'd be pretty happy with this draft

1-15.  Henry rugs the III WR

2-46.  Trevon Diggs CB

3-77.  Denzel miMs WR

3-83. SaahDidq  Charles  OT

3- 95 Clyde Edwards Helaire RB

4-108  Solomon  Kennedy OT

4-127.    Trevon hill edge

161.   Shaquille quarterman IDL

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Personal preference, but I’d rather we go O-line earlier. If we want Lock to succeed, we need at least 1-2 *immidiate* starting caliber linemen or he won’t survive the season. But those are some damn skilled players on that list; I wouldn’t be upset per se. 

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1 minute ago, 7DnBrnc53 said:

Some people have him going in the second round.

He’s a solid player in a power scheme. As a UGA fan I wouldn’t touch him until the late 3rd- early 4th. I think he should be around the 95-110 range. 

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3 hours ago, Counselor said:

Kindley is a Guard. He is 6’3 337 with 32 1/4 arms. 

Told ya I didn;t know anything about these guys. Who knew Kennedy was Kindley.

Anyway, no to an overweight OG with short arms.

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3 hours ago, jsthomp2007 said:

I would almost prefer Mims over Ruggs.  Miss is just a shade slower but has considerably more height than Ruggs.  

I could get on board with that. But, it would have to be in a trade down situation where we pick up a 2ed + 

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