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Jst Prelim Offseason y Mock - adjusted for you freaks

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I am going to assume the Broncos cut Flacco and Leary that puts them in the top four teams with the most cap room.  And I hope Elway realizes he doesn't have to spend all that money.  I think he should spend on some present players and on a few FAs. I would like a big OT signing or draft pick, but I get the sense the Broncos will continue to work with Bolles to get that right.  But, I am not sure how you fix his head.  It's not his play on the field, it's making bad judgments in key situations on the field.  I am not sure how you fix stupid.  

Justin Simmons - I think they have tor rap up Simmons.  He took forever to develop, but when he did he blossomed and showed some key leadership on that defense. 

Derek Wolfe - I think if the money goes towards Shelby or Wolfe they will sign Wolfe because Shelby didn't seem to fit into a Fangio defense.  I think Wolfe will get a two-year contract that is team-friendly.  I also think Wolfe would give a hometown discount.  I know Shelby has been on the record as wanting market value, and Wolfe likes his life in Colorado.  

Corey Littleton - Great cover ILB.  He can move somewhere in Ken Caryl Valley and be right at home.  This would be my favorite signing.  I think he and Andrew Johnson in the middle would solve a lot of issues covering backs and TEs. 

Leonard Williams - I think he will need a prove-it deal.  I can't imagine him being worse than Shelby but could have a higher ceiling.  Bring his westward and I think the Broncos should see what they could do with him.  It seems like he has not been the force we all thought he'd be.  

Javon Hargrave - I think a good DT is needed that will go along with Dre'mont Jone's development.  I would love Kinlaw but if the Broncos trade back they will be out of the market for him, and he is probably gone before #15.  I think Hargrave would be my second favorite signing to Littleton.  


1) Stephon Diggs -  I think the Broncos could trade #15 for the Vikings #25 and Stephon Diggs.  I like this rumor and a receiving corp. of Sutton, Diggs, Hamilton, Fant, seems awesome.  

2) Darius Slay -  I like the move for Slay.  I know he is 29-years, but he still seems productive and he seems better than Byron Jones to me.  I read he wants and extension, and think the Broncos could give him 3-years on his current deal.  

The Draft: 

1st - Tyler Biadasz [ IOL ] Wisconsin - I know this is a reach, but I think pairing Lock with a C of the future is an awesome combination.  The majority of the great QBs has "their" center.  I think Biadasz is that guy, which will allow the Broncos 

2nd - Solomon Kindley [G] Georgia - Keeping McGovern seems okay.  He is like lukewarm tea to me, not sure if you take a chance and nuke the tea to see if it maintains the same taste.  So, why spend the money when you can draft a guard.  The folks here in Georgia love Solomon.  He is big and nasty.  I like an offensive lineup of Bolles (don't really like, but have to deal), Risner, Biadasz, Kindlry, and James).  

3rd - Amik Robertson [ CB ] Louisiana Tech - Seems like an Elway kind of pick of lore, but have been reading great things about him and someone who can help on the outside of Byron Jones. 

3rd - K.J. Hamler [ WR ] Penn State - While the Broncos get Diggs, I think they will still want more speed.  It seems like Hamler could be the burner the Broncos want.  

3rd. - Trey Adams [ OT ] Washington - In case the Bolles experiment falters I think finding an OT to take over when Bolles implodes is needed.  And, I get some of you won't like all the linemen, but if you want a good, productive, Lock, you gotta protect him.  Plus, if the Broncos can land Diggs, then there are weapons.  I still think a top-notch RB is needed beside Lindsay.  

4th. - Cam Akers (RB) FSU -  Here is to hoping that Cam falls for some reason to the 4th round.  But how many 4th round RBs do the Broncos need to draft till they land a good one?  I guess the same amount of QBs the Broncos have to draft to get a good one.  


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You have us signing the top available free agent DB, top available free agent LB, 2 of the 5 top available free agent DL and bringing back all of our worthwhile free agents as well. Its hard to keep reading after such an unrealistically optimistic free agent class. But if we can pull that off, great. 

Love that 3rd round though. Especially Amik and Trey. 

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As others have said, even optimistically thinking, we won't have the space to make all of those moves.


Simmons-  $13-15m

Wolfe-  $7-9m

Littleton-  $9-13m

Williams-  $7-9m

Jones-  $15-16m

Mariota-  $4-8m

Hargrave- $10-15m

McGovern-  $7-10m

Harris Jr-  $11-14m

That's $83-109? million in cap allotment without considering the draft picks or necessary depth signings to make up the lower half of the roster. 

The player choices for FA are fine, those are all players that would help us, but we likely can target maybe half of that group. Then a few cheap, depth signings. 


As for the draft, I don't like it nor do I hate it. I love Biadasz, but as you said 15 may be a reach. If that's what it takes to get him, so be it, but I think we could find our way into one of the top WRs either at 15 or with a small trade up. Speaking of, I noticed you don't address the position at all in FA and not until the 3rd round in the draft. I think bolstering the position is of a higher priority than that. 


Continuing on, I'm no fan of RBs in the first two rounds. If we had to, I would prefer a bell-cow like Taylor. Your third round looks good. I've been an Adam's fan for a while now. He could be a great swing tackle until potentially taking over for James or Bolles down the road.

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Seems a bit ambitious to pay Harris Jr. $11MM, McGovern $7MM, Marriota $4-$8MM, shoot even Jones at $15MM (how much better is he than Harris Jr.?).  I know the buzz is the Broncos want Jones, but for $4MM less, I think Chris Harris would be fine, especially if the Broncos can draft well at the CB position.  I am waffling on that one because then again is Jones a true outside lockdown CB?  If not I'd rather the Broncos go trade for Slay who I think is worth $15MM, and from what I read is making $10MM this year.  I guess with Mariota a high priced backup, I think the Allen kid did fine for two games if you needed a QB in a pinch.  I do like the thought of Leonard Williams.  And, I really like the thought of Littleton and Hargrave.  And, I think Simmons is a definite...hmmmm. 



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