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"The Legend of Philip Rivers"

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Just curious if anyone else read the article on The Athletic from Daniel Popper called "The Legend of Philip Rivers: Tales from an epic Chargers career"?  


I thought it was awesome. Its basically just clips from various former teammates talking about Rivers with some crazy stories mixed in. Hardwick said one time during a game Rivers started to get on Nick in the huddle so Nick punched him in the jaw under the facemask... then Rivers called the play, asked him if he was ready to go, and they continued the game. Or Rivers telling Weddle there was no way he was going to tackle him during a situation they were practicing and Weddle didn't like that... so the rest of the practice Weddle would change the D plays just to screw with Rivers and call him out on bad plays. They also talked about some of the injuries Rivers played with that no one knew about and how he wouldn't let anything stop him from playing.


Its a fun article and well worth a read especially if you are a big Rivers fan like myself. 

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