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Why do the Raiders hate Derek Carr and wish for him to be dead?


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4 minutes ago, Nex_Gen said:

Raiders should trade him away. He deserves better.

Spoken from someone who doesn’t actually watch all of Carrs tape. Please debunk anything I mentioned a page ago. Carr should be a starter in the league, but he is around the 19-22 range 100%. I do think on Indy he could be 14-16 due to #1 Offensive Line, good weapons, Dome/Warm Weather Division, and FR’s Offense scheming players very open. Any other team, around 20. 

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Carr has become the scapegoat for the lack of team success. Since he's been in Oakland, I wouldn't consider a single roster he's been on as being quality--even the 2016 team. The funny thing is,  Carr's 2019 tape is arguably the best of his career. He debunked the stigma that he can't escape pressure and is among the most accurate quarterbacks in the league. This is all despite playing with a below-average receiving corps, un-QB friendly playcalling, and a terrible defense. He also proved to be very good pre-snap.

Like every QB, he has his weaknesses. He's not elite, but he played like a top 15 QB in the league in 2019.

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3 minutes ago, WindyCity said:

He is an average NFL QB who can win if he has good talent around him.

He is an upgrade for some. He isn’t for others.

You can do much worse as a starting QB them a guy for his career is 64%, 3800 yards, 24 TDs and 10 INTs.

What's dalton Career avg numbers? They the same guy. 

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9 hours ago, megatechpc said:

I don't think Carr is much better than Dalton at all.  He may have proven (with the 2016 team) that he has a higher theoretical ceiling, but all current indications are that that season will go down as Carr's peak, not his future...

Well, practically, he's more talented than Dalton and a better decision-maker. Last season, Carr had the worst offensive roster in the league (worse than the Bengals this season) and still set career highs in completion percentage and yards. I think Dalton is more negatively affected by a dearth in talent than Carr is because Dalton is simply a lesser talent.

This season, with a competent pass-blocking offensive line, a mediocre receiving core, questionable pay-calling, and a legitimately good running game, he played very well.

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17 hours ago, BayRaider said:

There is maybe 10-11 WR1s in the league at any given time. 

So you’re tellin me Carr needs an Elite #1, Solid Upper Tier #2, Solid #3, Top 5 TE, Top 2 OL, Solid 2nd TE, Top 7 RB in Jacobs? Not to mention Grudens play calling and schemes were fantastic last year. 

So basically Carr needs The Greatest Offense in the NFL. Got it. 

No Dude, what I am saying is that for a QB to be seen at his best or to be judged fairly, he needs more than 1 up and coming TE, 1 slowly emerging slot guy and 1 x hobbled outside guy. Thats what I am saying. But I respect your thoughts man. All good.

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