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2020 KC Chiefs Roster Analysis - The Round Up

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Ok, did all units. A lot of my conclusions depend on possible re-signings.

To sum them up:

  • Chris Jones
  • Kendall Fuller - OUT - OR Bashaud Breland
  • Wylie - BACK - OR Wisniewski - OUT DONE
  • Henne - BACK - OR Moore - DONE
  •  Ogbah AND Pennel - Ogbah is OUT, Pennel is BACK, thus DL more important, but not critical - INCOMPLETE

I don't anticipate a Mahomes extension this off-season.

My draft predictions, based on needs, if above assumptions are met:

  • OL: Round 1 - 3, budget FA and/or re-signings
  • QB: resign Henne or Moore plus Shurmur
  • WR: late round at best, UDFA
  • TE: UDFA
  • RB: Round 3 - 5, budget FA
  • DL: re-signings, UDFA, budget FA
  • LB: Round 1 - 3
  • CB: mid-round (3 - 5)
  • S: UDFA
  • SPC: UDFA P & LS

If both Fuller and Breeland walk, CB becomes the #1 priority.

Another (side-)note:

If the Chiefs exercise caution while signing FAs they are in a good position to earn quite a few comp picks for 2021:

61 Wisniewski, Stefen (OG) - comp pick questionable
81 Bell, Blake (TE)
11 Robinson, Demarcus (WR)
4 Henne, Chad (QB) - re-signed
8 Moore, Matt (QB)
95 Jones, Chris (DT)
64 Pennel, Mike (DT) - re-signed
98 Williams, Xavier (DT)
94 Suggs, Terrell (DE)
90 Ogbah, Emmanuel (DE) - projected 5th round comp pick
50 Lee, Darron (LB)
59 Ragland, Reggie (LB)
21 Breeland, Bashaud (CB)
29 Fuller, Kandall (CB) - projected 4th round comp pick
77 Wylie, Andrew (OG) - re-signed

may all sign qualifying contracts (1.2 M$/annually) with other teams ... even if I really hope the Chiefs retain a few of them. However, rules for comp picks may change under the new CBA - so we'll have to see.

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I suspect they will re-sign Fuller without much problem. Wylie is an UDFA/PS player, so he's cheap. Wisniewski is at the end of his career, so he is also cheap. Moore over Henne with Shrmur as QB3. All the DL should be easy except Chris Jones.

Jones the second best DT in the NFL and everyone acknowledges it. The team will try hard to re-sign him. Failing that, a sign and trade situation is possible. This is a very good DT draft, though not as good as last year.  Still, he should command at least what we gave for the Shark. It's worth considering, because the money can help re-sign PM II and it's a good DT draft. Also, Spags system is good at using tweener players, so low rent FA acquisitions are possible. 

We will need to retool the defense a bit if Chris Jones does not return, but the results from previous Spagnuolo defenses is that the second year was much better than the first. In particular, we saw major improvement in the run defense during the playoffs, which should continue. 


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Wylie re-up for 1 yr 660k. Hopefully he uses that cash for a gym membership or at least some dumbbells so he doesn't get destroyed as soon as the ball is snapped. Might mean Whiz priced out of our plans

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