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Jaguars trade CB AJ Bouye to Broncos for a 2020 4th

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I mean, it's nice to at least get another draft pick out of this disaster.  We need all the picks we can get.  There are a million holes to plug, and not enough money to do it that way.  It's gonna have to be through the draft.


But this feels like robbing Peter to pay Paul.  We're not going to find a serviceable CB who can actually replace Bouye with an extremely late 4th round pick.  It's creating a huge, gaping hole at CB where we were already desperately thin.  It's not just losing Bouye that hurts...it's pushing everybody else on the depth chart up a rung, when they were already struggling where they were at.  They're going to get swamped, if they can't magically find an actual honest to goodness #1CB somewhere to take on the toughest matchups.

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