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Pro Day Results

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Only a few have gone down




Josh Pearson RS SR WR Jacksonville State:
6-3 1/2, 203, 4.44, 41.5 vertical, 10-8 broad, 4.18 short shuttle and 7.22 in the cone.  Apparently did not drop a pass in the drills either.  If at the combine with the other WRs he would have ranked 10th in the 40, 3rd in the vertical, 6th in the broad jump, 3rd in the short shuttle and around 18th in the cone.  I liked him the little I watched him at Jacksonville State and put him on my list, good to see him work out this well.  Is such a smooth and natural athlete, could be a nice late round draft pick or UDFA potentially, he has some upside no doubt about it.



Auburn had their pro day, nothing of note, Prince did not run which sucks.  Noah Igbinoghene and Daniel Thomas both ran similar times they did at the combine which were solid times.  Horton and Harrell did not do anything really standout but still might be a long shot 7th round pick but will see.  Coe did not do anything else which was a surprise, had clearly such a low production year compared to the year previous, could be a steal though if he is put in the right situation actually on the DL.  Curious if Spencer Nigh will be a FB/HB prospect, probably a UDFA but will have to go back and watch him again honestly, had good strength numbers though.

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Add .10-.15 to any pro day 40 time to compare to combine runners.  I'll cut the guy some slack when they don't get invited, but i'm always dubious about pro day times, especially when they choose not to run at the combine when not injured.

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14 minutes ago, goldfishwars said:

Should we be subtracting from these numbers?


No, those aren't as fudgable as 40 time.  I'm leery of 3 cone and shuttle times from pro days as well though, anything hand timed really.

On a side note, I hope I hope I hope Higgins testing numbers push him down to rd 3.  The guy is a playmaker and has enough athleticism to get by.

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5 minutes ago, goldfishwars said:

All these pro days are getting cancelled from now. We might be left with a bunch of players with incomplete data. 

That seems strange. I feel like the pro days are definitely small enough to still get everything in without issue.

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21 minutes ago, Danger said:

Tee Higgins Jumping a 31.0" vertical is awful for him, but 4.43 is faster than even I could have anticipated.

I'm surprised.  Watching the tape I would have expected him to jump great and run in the low 4.5s.

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On 3/10/2020 at 1:23 PM, goldfishwars said:


That is very impressive but his stats the past two years at a very small school are pretty bad.  Curious why his production was so lacking if he is that big and that fast.



Quintez Cephus improved his 40 time to 4.56 from 4.73, which is closer to how he plays using that deep downfield speed to make big time plays.


Chris Orr is the one to talk about though, had a 4.65 40 yard dash which would tie him with Zack Baun and would have ranked him 13th at the combine.  He had a solid 4.08 20 shuttle which would have been tops for any LB at the combine, 6.99 cone which would have been 5th at the combine and 36.5" vertical which would have ranked eight at the combine. Also 20 reps at 225 for the bench which would be tied for 12th at the combine.  Being  6-0 224 is a little issue but with his speed and being in a 3/4 I do not think that size would be a problem at all. 

He was one of the biggest snubs of the combine I thought, kid can play and athletically he is legit and these numbers help show that.  I would be shocked if he was not drafted and he absolutely should have been at the combine with the season he had.  



Tanner Muse ran a 4.38 and 4.4 40 which is great and AJ Terrell ran a 4.37 and 4.41 so both proved legit speed at their positions and sub 4.4 40s are always very solid and impressive.  


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