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Tom Brady 2020: Signing Off?

Tom Brady 2020  

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On 3/19/2020 at 2:32 PM, Nex_Gen said:

You don't think the natural breaking point with the greatest player of all time doesn't have anything to do with this? The guy stacked a decade of masterful chess playing with his personnel, over another decade. That's unprecedented. Unless you somehow feel we should be awarded another decade. Dissect most seasons, and you'll find the same questionable moves. It's part of the game. And I'm sure you know better than to throw out "Cardinals got Hopkins for a 2nd = Patriots missed out on this." We all know there's no way in hell BoB is shipping him here. You're looking for reasons...

I didn't see a natural breaking point for Brady, I saw a GOAT QB having hold an under-manned offense together thanks to questionable personnel decisions, resulting in a wasted year. The OL injuries were obviously bad luck, but the TE situation was clearly disaster waiting to happen.

And sorry, but no, you won't see teams signing blue-chip defensive players, then cutting them a month into the season and ruining the chemistry of the 1st ranked defense every year. If the Bennett situation happened to the Jets or Bills we'd be giggling about "dysfunctional organizations" in this forum. Either Bennett was no scheme fit, or BB couldn't make it work. Either way, it was a splash signing which wasted cap.

As I said, I'm not saying fire BB. He's obviously amazing at his job. But amazing =/= perfect. Last year he made more bad decisions than usual. Whether that was down to factors beyond his control, his own bad judgment, or external pressure, we will never know. But they happened. It's foolish to brand anyone criticising BB as some kind of spoiled fan, he's a big boy he can handle some comparatively minor critiques.

And, as I said above, I'm not saying Hopkins could have literally been a Patriot, just using him as an example of what a 2nd round pick can buy you, and how much of an overpay it was for Sanu.

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