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39 minutes ago, StLunatic88 said:

I wonder if we still would have gone after Robinson if we would have been able to keep Brock in the first place?

I thought Robinson was going to be a 5-Tech. Them bringing Brock back must mean they plan for him to be a NT.

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Brocks is trash. This is more for Donald than him being a good player. Thought A’shawn was a upgrade tbh. At least he can take doubles and hold his own against the run. Brocks main problem is that he’s slimmed down a ton since his rookie year. He needs to get huge! Like fat huge.. He’s gotten a lot smaller and gets washed against the run. He’s not even a decent pass rusher to warrant being small. Whatever I guess. hope this lights a fire under his arse and gets him playing a lot better. 

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