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Jarrad Davis in concussion protocol


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56 minutes ago, Nnivolcm said:

If OBJ had made contact with Davis' side, why did he not fall to the side? Why did he take a very distinct fall forward?

Davis' momentum was still moving forward when OBJ hit him on the back left corner of his body, so of course Davis' wasn't going to immediately fall to the side.  Instead, Davis was pushed forward diagonally.

Found a great video of the block:

This video shows that, as OBJ approached and began his block, Davis shifted his left shoulder forward.  The majority of the hit, and especially the initial contact, was to Davis' shoulder.  Only OBJ's forearm made contact with Davis' back, and his forearm was clearly the element in that play that affected Davis the least.  Hard block to his shoulder, minimal contact to his back, and only because of Davis' shift.  Block in the back?  Questionable.  Not dirty.  Not fine worthy.  And, if Davis wasn't injured, a non-issue.

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