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NFLPA votes to approve the CBA


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3 hours ago, sparky151 said:

It's possible they delay free agency and the draft by a month or two because of the virus. 

I think they won’t delay the draft. But may just stop the “big show” portion of the draft. Make it media only and not bring the prospects to the draft live. 

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95% of the draft could go on as normal, the only things missing would be the obnoxious crowd and the same rote player interviews that show up in person.  The analysis, review, and highlights can go on just as planned.  Hell, they can even Skype interview draftees and do a whole lot more of them than just the guys that usually show up if they do it right.  No real reason FA or the Draft have to be delayed.  You push other stuff back now and you run the risk of it pushing other stuff back later even if all the restrictions are lifted.  Keep it moving is the right call imo.

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Teams are supposed to not have employees on the road until virus restrictions are lifted. FA contracts can be faxed and press releases emailed, but the players are still supposed to pass a team physical at some point. Hard to do that via telemedicine. 


Certainly they can do the draft without the crowds (and did for many years) but the league has made it a spectacle and would no doubt like to keep it that way. If so, they'll need to delay it. It's not very likely things will be back to normal in 6 weeks.

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