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Offseason Mock 2.0

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Spotrac now has us at $48,505,8889. The Rookie Class should cost us about $10.9 mil, leaving us with $37,605,888. I would also cut R. Okwara for and additional $2.12 mil in saving for a grand total of $39,725,888 in cap space for free agency.


    T. Wilson:          2 yrs, 8 mil     $4 mil guaranteed          (3,5)          
    M. Killebrew:    2yrs, 2 mil
    J. McKissic:     2 yr, 3 mil   
    M. Ford:            1 yr, $550k

    K. Wiggins:       1 yr , 3 mil


    Michael Pierce:    3 yrs, $24 mil    $12 guaranteed        (5,8,11)
    J. Pierre- Paul:     1 yr, $8

    Daryl Worley:        2 years, 14 mil      $6 guaranteed           (5,9)

    Daryl Williams:     1yr, 7 mil
                            $25 mil

Leaves us with $5.6 mil left over, but our bases are covered with CB2, DT, DE/ OLB, RT/ OG.


1(3): Chase Young, DE

2 (35): Denzell Mims, WR

3 (67): Jaylon Johnson, CB

4 (109) Leki Fotu, DT

5 (149) Robert Hunt, OT

5 (172) Logan Wilson, LB

6 (182) Antonio Gibson, RB/ WR

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I definitely don't hate it. Solid FA pieces: not necessarily huge names, but not big contracts either. I really like the draft.

A steady offseason that leaves the team significantly improved. Looks pretty good.

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