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Like I said in NFL General, I'm guessing the conversation went as follows:

Spielman:  "Zim, I've decided to extend Kirk to secure the QB position and free up some cap space."

Zimmer: "If you put that much money into the offensive side of the ball, I want to keep Anthony Harris for my defense."   :D


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1 hour ago, CriminalMind said:

Waynes would have been a very poor tag move. Talent and money POV

Agreed, if they wanted Waynes it would be on a long-term deal. 1 year of Waynes at 16million (franchise number for CB posted above) is an overpay, while Harris at 11m is in-line with what I think he would get on the open market (per year).

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I like tagging Harris. Because IF we can trade him now, at least we get the pick now to help the 2020 roster. And of course if we keep him, we have a high end starter next to Harry.

But per Doogie on twitter, the Vikings plan right now is to keep Harris. 

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