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Cardinals trade RB David Johnson + to Texans for WR Hopkins +

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37 minutes ago, ET80 said:

Take care of Nuk for us. You got one hell of a player.

Alright. Dang, this sucks for Deshaun, though. The offense only had plenty of weapons because they had an Alpha in Nuk to free up all of their Beta-type weapons. Without him, now you're counting on Will Fuller or Kenny Stills to be the #1. Tim Kelly is gonna have a hell of a time trying to scheme guys open consistently.

The aftershock takeaway as far as the Cards go is that Chase Edmonds is most likely going to get significant playing time. He's a fantastic fit for KK's scheme, but so was DJ. Many point to DJ's suppressed production on the ground as a sign that he was no longer relevant for the Cards, but he was still very valuable as a receiver. In fact, David Johnson caught Kyler Murray's first career passing TD and was one of his top-targets in the red zone. Now, Edmonds was admirable when he got playing time, but he's missed time with an injury twice in two years. Kenyan Drake is unlikely to return to the Cards. 

There should be a first-round caliber RB available at the top of the second round for Houston. It's also fair to point out that there are going to be several first-round caliber WRs available throughout day 2. They won't be able to replace the impact of Nuk, but maybe they'll grab a RB and 2 WRs on the second day of the draft.

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22 hours ago, LuckyNumber11 said:

Let it be known, that all Cardinals fans are buzzing on this. We may not be well represented on this board, but we are

I don't blame you - Nuk is an incredible player and person, you've got a foundational player AND cap relief from a bad deal all in the same day (and you didn't have to give up a 1st round pick).

I'd be just as excited if I was you.

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