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Malcolm Butler the next Jamie Collins?

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A guy considered by most fans to be an indispensable cog in the defense potentially getting shipped out of town before the deadline for the second year in a row?

A lot of the same omens and portents that preceded the Collins trade seem to be showing up around Butler.

-He didn't get the start at NO after having started 38 straight games (including postseason) and played only 75% of snaps after playing just about every meaningful snap over the past two years.

-A lot of chatter that the team is unhappy with his play (which seems off from last year but not so much as to warrant benching, at least to this outside observer).

-The defense is under-performing as a unit.

-Some apparent discontent on the player's end with his contract situation.


Moreover with Butler there was already some pretty serious talk about moving him this past offseason.


Am I reading too much into this, or is this some serious smoke?

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They don't really have a #3 CB if they get rid of him. J.Jones is a huge step down. He's not (as far as we know) freelancing or being a malcontent.

I think he's gone in the offseason. Trading him now would be pointless. You don't want Bademosi getting snaps at CB. 

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50 minutes ago, iothar said:
1 hour ago, Starless said:

Huh? I haven't read anything that imbecile has written in years.

He was quoted as saying that idea on Monday. My google news (I selected interested in Patriots) included something about him predicting it.

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26 minutes ago, tonyto36 said:

And there wasn't a huge step down between Collins and Van Noy?

We also didn't know about the free lancing or being a malcontent from Collins until after when Patriots leaks went into PR mode.


Nice thought @Starless.  A lot of what you said makes sense, but I hope it doesn't happen.  We got away with it last year, and I've been high on Rowe, but I still think the opportunity is too big this year to trade a significant piece at a premium position - definitely more valuable than LB, away.  If a team gets stupid and offers a first, sure, but I really doubt that's going to happen mid season.   I'm not interested in pick #45 for even half a season + playoffs of quality CB play.

Just a little bit different going from Collins to Van Noy/Roberts than Butler to J.Jones. Comparing a LB to a CB in importance or ability to cover for a talent gap is a bad idea 

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I'd be shocked if Branch is traded. You don't give up decent depth for a paltry return in-season unless they guy is a malcontent. Furthermore, he was just re-signed. So clearly Belichick, as recently as 6 months ago, thought Branch was useful.


And if he's so bad where he isn't "decent depth" anymore, he will just be released outright. But that seems unlikely with literally no other NT on the roster

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54 minutes ago, everlong said:

Alan Branch is more likely to be shipped out apparently.

Don't really get Bill's logic. I don't think he ever wanted to keep Butler long term (which makes sense due to the Gilmore signing and Rowe playing well), so why not trade him during the offseason when his value was at its highest?

Seems the obvious explanation is that Butler in 2017 is more valuable than any return they could have received


You get:

1 year of Butler - who, until recently, was deemed to be a top 10-12 CB in the league\

The option to franchise (tag and trade or tag and play)

The option to negotiate for an extension


That's a ton of value to give up.


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9 hours ago, 1ForTheThumb said:

Branch was one of the best players on the defense last season, if not the best. We don't have depth at DL. I think it's more of the Patriots wanting him to get into shape opposed to not liking his performance.

Has been poor so far this season though. Even in his limited snaps vs NO, he couldn't get off 1 on 1 blocks. He used to eat 2 people.

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2 hours ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Has been poor so far this season though. Even in his limited snaps vs NO, he couldn't get off 1 on 1 blocks. He used to eat 2 people.

It's not like he hasn't had stretches of poor play before. He's played so few snaps this year that I wouldn't draw conclusions from his 2017 body of work. He's a guy who has had work ethic and conditioning issues before so it wouldn't be a surprise if he's just out of shape. 


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