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23 minutes ago, broncosfan_101 said:

So at what point does Jadeveon Clowney’s market get so soft that you just HAVE TO make a call? His fit in a 3-4 isn’t ideal, but I’d trust Fangio to move him around into spots he’d succeed in. Von seems to be in decline, his contract is basically done after this season, and we’ve got the cap space to make it work right now...I don’t know. In the $16-18M per range, that’s pretty attractive, in my opinion. 

Someone else will pay more than we will, I mean Elway's looking for bargains.    Everyone's staring each other down, but once they miss their target in the draft early, Clowney should match up soon after (which is misguided, since draft guys rarely make an impact at EDGE unless it's elite talent, but...).

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