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Free Agent Frenzy

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Yeah that's a little much, but it seems like we just aren't huge fans of Royce. I like taking pressure off of Lindsay, and Gordon is also an excellent pass catcher which I think is something being lost here. This says to me we are looking to target our RBs a little more in the pass game this year.

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6 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

They guaranteed almost the entire deal for a guy who’s averaged 4 YPC or more once. This is really dumb 

it's crazy that you can be a first round draft pick and people just think you're good 

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23 minutes ago, AnAngryAmerican said:

Probably could have found a RB in the middle rounds who could produce the same in a time share with Lindsay as Gordon will and saved ourselves $12M. 

Oh well. 

The biggest problem is that I’d bet dimes to dollars that Elway will now pass on RB in Rd 3-5 when it was could have found a difference making talent - Akers, CEH, Gibson, etc. where we had 4 picks in Rd 3-4 in the 77-120 range.   The numbers game meant at least 1 top 6-7 RB was likely going to be there.    

Getting a lead back with rookie level contracts is one of most exploitable market inefficiencies around.   Instead we are likely passing on that opportunity in one of deepest top end RB classes around.    Ugh this is 100x worse than letting Janovich go, if that scenario comes to pass. 

The $ could have been spent better elsewhere for sure, but the lost opportunity cost if we pass on this deep top end RB class is going to hurt way more.   Meh.  

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What a ridiculous move. What data is out there to suggest this is even a below average decision?

Looked shot last year and the tread (including College) is astronomical.

Worst Elway move in a very, very long time.

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46 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

Why are we paying a running back?! We are short two starting WRs.

Yeah this x1000.  I know they will probably draft a WR early, likely with their first pick, but even still spending $13M guaranteed on a RB with injury and production concerns was a major mistake. 

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