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Broncos acquire DL Jerrell Casey from Titans for 7th rounder

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On 3/18/2020 at 12:34 PM, .Buzz said:

Tannehill played at an unsustainable rate.

I do think Tanny is very solid, but I don't see the stretch/play staying the same. Others will need to improve around him.

The Titans stumbled onto a formula in midseason. It is indeed unsustainable and regulatory, by all logic and leaguewide comparison. But since it took them so deep into the playoffs they were almost forced into believing it should be maintained. 

IMO, a sharp regime would have understood the fragility. Offer Tannehill $10 million less so you can keep the vital foundational players and physical essence. If he balks and exits then no big deal. There is no reason 2019 should define Ryan Tannehill any more than the prior 7 NFL seasons or his senior season at Texas A&M when he went 7-6 despite #7 preseason ranking and being favored in all but one game.

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