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Week 3 GDT - Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions

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I'll watch the game like I watch any game; from the comfyness of my home. No bars here as far that I'm aware of that will air NFL games. 

I haven't followed the Lions much since Megatron had that ridiculous season so I might be 100% wrong on any of my assumptions. The best way to beat these Falcons is by having the offense control the clock by means of a strong running game. Things might have changed but Theo Reddick and the Lions O line never struck me as being particularly fearsome in that department. Their defense has been playing pretty well lately but then again, the Cards and the Giants aren't really offensive powerhouses (although the later would be with a younger Eli). In order to win Stafford has to bring his A game, their defense has to step up even further and Matt must have a bad day (most likely caused by poor Oline play). Expecting a score around 34-24 with a garbage time TD for Stafford making the game look closer then it really was. 

I also wonder if Orlando Bedwetter is going to mention his cousin playing for the Lions in any of his crappy pieces. 

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3 minutes ago, DutchFalcon said:

A win is a win but that was a lot closer then it aught to be. Got unlucky with the INT's but lucky with the ending I guess.

I'll take it. Offense was looking unstoppable, but those two tipped interceptions gave Detroit a chance. Defense played well, aside from the last drive luckily we got a break. Then again, they got a huge break with that defensive holding (not the PI) call on Trufant. The better team won today. 

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Game was way closer than it should have been. We were easily the better team.

Defense played great. When is the last time our defense won us a game?

Takk is relentless. Hes going to be a force. 

Offense was unlucky with the two ints. Quinn made a great play on the other one.

Really impressed with Sark. Called a great game. Honestly this offense looks just as good as it did last season. 

All in all ugly game but I'm really liking what I've seen so far. 

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50 minutes ago, devils1854 said:

So what you're saying is that one more win should do it?


Its really early in the year but we are the class of the NFC IMO. Seattles offense sucks, GBS defense sucks. we're arguably more elite on one side of the ball than either of those teams, and are defense is averageish at least.

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