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Seahawks sign DE Bruce Irvin


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Ya'll sleep on Irvin.  As long as he's not expected to be a full-time starter then this should be a solid pick-up for them.

No matter how bad our defense got last year, Irvin was one of the few bright spots.   He always played hard and despite being somewhat of an under-the-radar free agent signing, immediately became one of our top leaders in a season that spiraled out of control.


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2 minutes ago, 49erurtaza said:

Wow this defense could be terrible 

Because of a rotational depth signing? I understand Irvin doesn't have much left in the tank, but he will probably be coming on as a replacement for Kendricks-Ansah. Not exactly being relied upon to be an import cog. 

They aren't going to be world beaters, and Clowney isn't really pushing them over the edge. Seattle was a ho-hum middle of pack unit with and without Clowney.

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4 hours ago, Jakuvious said:

Am I the only one who had no idea he had 8.5 sacks last year?

That's who he is. A guy who quietly puts up his numbers and then you look back after the year like "wow he had 7 plus sacks!?" . He's not a great pass rusher at all but he makes his splash plays. Ideally he is your 3rd or maybe 4th guy rushing the passer but he is still a solid all around, master of none type player with plus leadership skills.

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9 hours ago, SBXISBXVSBXVIII said:

Sign and retire? This dude sucks.

I think he still has a couple years of production as a rotation pass rusher, what sucks is him quitting on us after we traded Mack and after he proclaimed himself to be a 'leader' of the defence.

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