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2020 NFL Draft: Discussion, Reports, Rumors, and Studies

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8 hours ago, KingOfTheDot said:

Would you trade Adams for the right to walk away with a combination of

Becton, Wills, Wirfs, Thomas

Jeudy, Lamb, Ruggs

Top WR from best class in decades + top OT in best class in decades vs a top Safety?  Are you kidding?  In a NY minute.  Where do I sign?  And I am by no means an Adams hater... but that would be just too good to be true,  It would change the dynamics of this team for the next 5-10 years.  Safeties are good too, but nowhere near as meaningful as those two positions.

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Per nfldraftscout... we are still more than likely going OT at 11 but we are VERY high on CeeDee Lamb according to him and he said we have him ranked 1st on our board at WR and wouldn’t be shocked at all if we chose him over an OT.


Take that for what it’s worth... bc he’s not exactly a reliable source.

5 hours ago, JohnnyHectorFan said:

Matt Miller of Bleacher Rep͏o͏r͏t reported the same news about Lamb being our #1 rated WR. 

Lots of receiver chatter lately, maybe trying to get someone to jump ahead of us to pick a receiver? Any receiver picked before 11 would almost guarantee one of the OTs fall to us.

Another guess, I’m down near Philly and they love Lamb for the Eagles.  Another option is talking up Lamb to get the Eagles to trade up with us  

Personally, I would love to draft Lamb but my gut says we go O line. 

JD pumping out the smoke screens.  Gotta love it.  Welcome aboard Jerry Jeudy.  B|

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Burleson is hardly a guru... but thought it was a cool video on Lamb

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