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Vladimir L

Kick the tires on Todd Gurley

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On 3/19/2020 at 6:13 PM, Vladimir L said:

lets be honest Guice and Love are fragile.


AP is AP old....


If we can get Gurley at a decent price is worth kicking the tires on?

Guice is fragile, but I would also argue it's because they rushed him into being the full-time guy too soon.  

Bryce Love is recovering from a torn ACL.  There is nothing else to indicate he's fragile.  

Peterson is still a threat to run for 1,000 yards in a season.  That's still the standard for running backs, and from what I saw last year, no doubt he could do it.  

They didn't spend the fourth round pick on Love last year to go ahead and sign a veteran like Gurley for all of that money.  And on top of it, Gurley has a worse knee than Guice does.  There are concerns he shouldn't touch the ball more than 10-15 times a game.  

Gurley was the man at UGA and at the start of his Rams career.  I'm a huge UGA fan and followed his career with the Rams and love the guy, but there is too much going against him right now.  I thought the knee injury just needed time to heal in the off-season, but if you look at him last year, he's not the same guy.  

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