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DTs and INT OL

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1 minute ago, Chieferific said:

Agree with all except the last sentence.  It's a popular belief that ILB isn't a need.  I think it's a huge need.  The "Starter", while not all that good, is gone.  VW is not gonna play his normal 36% snaps AND Baron's 69%.  Not only mathematically impossible, he's not the type of ILB they want out there most of the time.  Unless the plan is to move Edmunds, I believe a S/Hybrid ILB will be chosen and early imo.  If Edmunds does move, Safety is the #1 need.  I think Chinn/Dugger early and Muse in the later Rds for Depth.  NT is #1b but can be had in the later Rds.

I think S is the #1 need anyway.  0% depth.  Forget about moving guys, the next safety up is Dangerfield.  This is terrifying.

ILB is a need in the same way because of depth.  If Bush breaks a helmet strap, UG3 is up, and he played 6 games.  I am with you on that, just not the way you propose to fix it.

@MOSteelers56, flash in the pan was not the right turn of phrase.  Late riser is more accurate.  Was not in the discussion with Cush and Biadasz until the All-Star circut.  I know the Steelers love Big 10 teams, but these past 3 years for Michigan have not been the best.  Again, not a national name until the all-star games.  Not a pick I would be mad about, more of a surprise.

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