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Ha Ha Clinton Dix signs 1 yr $4m

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1 hour ago, Revenant said:

Aren't Woods, HaHA, and Thompson all free safeties? Isn't Wilson our only strong safety right now? Is Woods moving to strong safety or does this mean that CB and S are still 1A and 1B in the draft?

Was kinda thinking the same thing. We don't have a true box safety. But maybe we are going to play alot of two deep? 

Woods and Dix make for a helleva duo in coverage. Not so much in the run game


Also I believe Thompson came in for Heath last season when Heath got hurt. So I believe he can play SS 

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I like this and if the price is as advertised then a solid move. We might go zone a lot now.  This opens up a spot for us to draft a tweeter LB/SS type early in the draft.   

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